Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls, Third Edition

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About Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls, Third Edition Authors

Susan Campbell Reneau

Susan Campbell Reneau Author of Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls, Third Edition

Author, Susan Campbell Reneau, wrote the first edition of the book, Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls, in 1981 and 1982 when she was pregnant with her third son Richard who is the junior author of the third edition.

Susan is the author and editor of 22 big-game hunting and western history books since her first book was published in 1983.  Susan is the first and only woman editor for the Boone and Crockett Club’s famous all-time records book titled, Records of North American Big Game that was first published in 1932. She is the co-editor of the 10th edition. Some of her other books include The Adventures of Moccasin Joe: True Life Story of Sgt. George S. Howard; Putting Sheep on the Mountain; Records of North American Elk and Mule Deer; Thrill of the Chase: Women and Their North American Big-Game Trophies; and, Spirit of the Wilderness.  A quick search of Susan’s name on the computer will pull up all of her books that are currently available for sale.

In addition to writing hunting books about North American big game, Susan is a media specialist, fund raiser and special events coordinator for wildlife and conservation organizations as well as numerous veterans groups. She earned a B.A. in Education and Speech Communication from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado and a M.S. in Business Marketing and Public Relations from American University in Washington, D.C. Susan lived throughout the United States as a young child because her father was a career U.S. Marine Corps officer and attorney. In 1968 her father retired to Colorado Springs where Susan attended and graduated from Wasson High School. She married Jack Reneau in Shove Chapel on the campus of Colorado College following graduation from UNC on April 6, 1974.

Author Richard R. Reneau is a wildlands firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service, a position he has enjoyed since the summer of 2000 upon graduation from Sentinel High School in Missoula, Montana. When not fighting forest fires around the country, including Colorado, Richard loves to fly fish wilderness streams and lakes and hunt big game. He received a B.A. in Public Administration from the University of Montana. This is Richard’s first book.The first edition of Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls was Susan’s first book in 1983 and the third edition of the same book is Richard’s first book.

Richard Reneau

Richard Reneau, Co-Author of Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls, Third Edition

Susan credits Richard for teaching her how to hunt successfully and has enjoyed some of her most productive hunts with Richard, including her first bull elk hunt in Colorado in 2012 and her only bighorn sheep in 2011. Susan’s and Richard’s Campbell relatives helped settle Grand Junction,  Colorado in 1881 when they traveled from the Midwest on wagon to the growing ranching and farming community. Later Campbell relatives helped settle Canon City in 1901 where they were in business. Their Campbell relatives still live in the Denver area.

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Susan Reneau is a well-known and respected author and fundraiser:

  • Author of the mule deer and elk hunting book, Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls.
  • Outdoor Trails Network (17 million in audience, world-wide). Radio, Internet, Cable.
    Check out
  • Author / editor of 22 big-game hunting and wildlife conservation books.
  • Professional fundraiser for profit and non-profit organizations.
  • M.S. from American University in Marketing and Media Relations.

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